Instructions for the Installation of the Elohim Font


Please follow these instructions to install the Elohim font on your computer. Then you may use the font e.g. in Word, Excel but also in Corel or Photoshop and many other computer programs.


The easiest way to use it is to mark a text written in a standard font and to change the font to 'Kryon-Elohim'.


But first of all the installation instructions for Windows 98, 2000 and XP:

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Copy the file 'Elohim' from the CD and save it in a folder on your hard disk.

Please open the Control Panel from the Start menu

From the Control Panel open the folder "Fonts"

Now click File > Install new fonts. Then choose the folder in which you saved the file "Elohim.ttf" and click "OK".



Alternatively you may simply copy the file into the folder "C:\Windows\Fonts".


Enjoy energizing your texts.


Sending you Light and Love,

The Team of the Kryon School


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